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Our Vision

Definitive Motorwerk is built on going the extra mile; it's in our name! We are your authoritative solution to all things automotive. Our attention to detail is what we base our entire reputation on, but where did that attention to detail come from? The reason is actually quite simple.

We got tired of seeing automotive facilities and dealerships not finish the last 1% of the job; not taking the extra step and calling it,"good enough." 

When you trust Definitive Motorwerk with your vehicle, you receive a white-glove service regardless of what you drive or what your style is. To us, you are not just another customer or a dollar sign; you are a relationship that we want to keep for life. We want to understand your goals for your car and help you get there with no doubt that the work was done professionally, carefully, and with our Definitive quality and attention to detail. 

All of the products we offer have been tested on all of our personal vehicles. The brands we offer are the brands we trust to perform for you time after time. 

From fluids and filters to full performance builds, we will ensure you and your vehicle are taken care of. 

We offer vehicle pick-up and delivery with our 22' enclosed trailer; your car will not be exposed to the elements. 

We offer custom detailing packages to help you achieve the perfect look for your vehicle. 

We offer several maintenance and performance packages to help you get your vehicle to become your vision. 

Make a statement. Be Definitive.





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